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Stimulating innovation and policy making in the Social & Creative sectors

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In the framework of the Interreg Euro-MED Academy, the Social & Creative Community is ready to launch the e-learning programme “Stimulating innovation and policy making in the Social & Creative sectors”.

The course is structured in 4 modules spanning a total of 4 weeks, from 19th September to 15th October, for a total of 12 hours engagement.

The modules are built on video lessons in English focused on the tools developed by the Social and Creative horizontal project with the support of all the modular projects part of our community. Case studies and hands-on activities guarantee a very practical training providing participants with specific insights and tools ready to be implemented in the daily practices.

The course is free of charge, open to the participation of anyone interested and aligned with the principles of open education.

For more information on the e-learning programme and registration: